Currently Listening To: Sene – exit, us. (Video)

This song is beyond dope. One of my favorite I’ve heard in a while. I honestly get chills every time I hear it.

I said, if I could ride Pegasus back to Exodus
Before the apple Adam ate, before Able exited
Before we made the atom split, we were all African
Kings were brown and black again, before slave trafficking
Before computers, if I could pick a territory
It would be Zamunda (ugh), before Kunta
Before rumors of a Lucifer
Before I had to watch for the sirens on the Lumina
Or, before I had and go and see my homies at they funeral
My life is beautiful, my life is brutal though
Era of the crack game, beepers and the crap games
AIDS became the black plague and angels changed their last name
Big body benzes, graffiti on the benches
Friends turning friends in to get a lighter sentence
So if you hit heaven any earlier than I
Just know that I’m trying to make amends, amen