Q x A w/ Julian Malone

Q. Give us a little intro into who Julian Malone is and what an average day in your life is like.

A. I’m a 19 year old black musical genius from chicago whos naturally a good guy lol. Who works hard to be something. I dedicate tons of time into this, to be great, to not be another gimmick with just one sound or persona. Alot of guys nowadays are pretty simple and that makes em gimmicky. I just do me honestly. I create through my emotions, good or bad.

A average day for me is like, going to the burbs, kicking it, recording, talking about this dream with my guys & just brainstorming. I’m always insipired to do this, from the moment I step out the house from when I’m back home about to doze off in bed. This is fun for me. Its pressure to “make it” but I know I’m “that” good, so, Thats gonna happen.

Q. The Little Dragon “Twice” sample that you used. Was the song title the reason why you used that beat twice on your album?

A. Thats a pretty cool coincidence you just pointed out! lol Damn. Thats not the reason though, I used it twice because around the finalization of “Enemy” the original intro I had wasn’t really a solid enough record to be the intro to this project. Its titled “Good Morning”, its more of a mixtape type of record for me. I wanted the first track to be mellow and emotional to a point where you get what this project means with the very first song. I went in my PC and skimmed through beats looking for this avenue to make this type of joint, and stumbled upon the “October 20th” beat and just brainstormed. Slowed it down, added some fresh new flair with some effects and yeah, “Goodbye to Dreaming” was made.

Q. On your song titled “Git Sum” you sample OutKast. What’s your favorite OutKast song and/or album?

A. Favorite OutKast joint…I may have to make it a tie between “So Fresh So Clean” & “Chonkyfire”. I loooove Chonkyfire, like, Andre’s rhymes on it is something heavy! That verse inspired my whole rap style. I don’t think I told noone that yet, but yeah lol.
Favorite album is “Aquemini”.

Q. Your song “All Love” samples Zoo Kid aka King Krule. What are some other non-rap musicians that you’re into?

A. Love Radiohead, love Erykah Badu, love Lauryn Hill, love Santigold, love Gnarls Barkley, love N*E*R*D, love Hall & Oates, Stylistics, Gil-Scott Heron, Daft Punk…list goes on. I’m really digging Zoo Kid right now though, that kid is doing something amazing. 17 years old. Can’t wait til he gets full recognition.

Q. So explain what happened with the whole 2008ighties fallout? And what’s next for Julian Malone?

A. Its not a fallout, its just I’ve been really growing to hate the whole idea of being in a rap team. Based on this business and how it makes stuff become, I just didn’t want to give them (the business and the people) the chance to even shadow me, though I do get alot of love. It was already starting to happen because Calez was basically getting all the books for shows and such. With me getting strickly blog posts. One blog in paticular that I got us to even be connected with put him on a show I’m supposedly was gonna be included in. I wasn’t though. He was. That made me alittle salty about it but ultimately, its their loss and I gotta look at the bigger target ahead of me.

Q. Can you explain your most recent joint “Who’s Top Now”?

A. That was me at a emotional moment in the whole “I’m leaving 2008ighties because I don’t want to be shadowed” episode. I had the beat ready and I went to Sani’s crib to record it but the lyrics weren’t wrote yet. I had the beat done. I just was gonna write based on how I felt after explaining my side to him. Unfourtunately, after I explained my side and reason, he was the one that broke the news that they were like “everyone solo isnt a good move, Ju can just go”. The way he made it seem was WAY worse though lol. That guy is already dramatic as fuck so yeah, he was barely giving me eye contact and shit. I’m like “Oh shit, maybe its worse than I thought nigga!!” lol

Therefore, I wrote a whole verse about it, the track was originally going to be about everything BUT the 2008ighties situation lol.
Speaking on family issues, people hating, people feeling like they better or on my level when they far from it, etc. I planned to mention me leaving 2k80s in a couple lines at most but a verse was how I felt. The song as a whole though, I love, its one of those “rebel against my obstacles” records.

Q. I saw that you and Chuuwee were going back and forth today on Twitter. What kind of collaboration do you guys have cooking?

A. Indeed, I sent him this epic joint I made today, its pretty dope, I produced it like everything else I release lol and I think the song is about to get some attention. Chuuwee is really one of the only artists outside of 2008ighties I’m actually working with.

Q. Who’s your top five current MC’s?

A. Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Kanye & Myself lol.

Q. Who would you like to work with in the future?

A. Dylan, Kanye, No I.D., Kid Cudi, Big Sean, Pharrell, Chad Hugo, RZA, GZA, Mos Def, Lupe, Tyler (The Creator) & Erykah Badu.

Make sure to check out Ju Malone’s new album titled “Enemy: The Time And Loves Of Malone”.

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