An Interview w/ Her Favorite Colo(u)r – Blu

When I contacted Blu about an interview I told him that he was “One of my favorite MC’s”. I kind of understated that a little. I was trying not to sound like some uber fan or something. But the truth is, Blu’s by far my favorite MC right now. His sound is amazing to me. Dude’s a poet, an artist and I’m really honored to be able to have interviewed him. I could say some corny line here about “hip-hop still being alive”, but the fact is, if you listen to Blu, you already know this. During our interview with Blu he speaks on his writing process, acting, his live performances, the Lakers and more.


RRHH: Can you describe your writing process (medium, surroundings, inspirations, etc…)

Blu: my writing process is weed, a dope beat and a clear mind.

the world is my canvas, isn’t to hard to paint something beautiful after that.

RRHH: In the song Amnesia you say, “F*ck an actor, I’m a rapper, in a film called, Leave Me The F*ck Alone Till I Find A Real Job”. Describe this line and would you rather be acting?

Blu: no, i love rap and rapping. i was saying this after coming to the realization that although rapping is very profitable,

it lose value in comparison to other “jobs” when it comes to the purpose of your job.

rapping makes you feel good, but a chef, actually feeds you, so they win, the chefs..

so i was telling my lady friend, “hey, fuck rapping and acting, i hate myself, i wished i cut grass for a living”

RRHH: What’s your most favorite project that you’ve put out?

Blu: “jesus”, “her favorite colour” and “below the heavens”.

RRHH: People have criticized some of your live performances. What do you have to say about that?

Blu: man, me and exile come out and we was the illest new shit live, the illest!

then our album dropped, then we were still the illest, then the people wanted new shit but we only had this

so our show got old, then i did new shit and now i do new shit.

but i forget that shit too, so we suck live but you still want to see us anyway

RRHH: What’s your relationship like with Sene?

Blu: sene is an asshole. we like best friends who don’t talk or brothers who don’t talk..

i knew after i dropped “no yor K” that he would eventually speak on it, the he dropped “brooklynite”,

ate me, go sene!

RRHH: Who would you like to work with that you haven’t yet?

Blu: premier, the old prince paul and amerie

RRHH: During an interview I did with Evidence he brought up your song “Cold Hearted”, can you explain the meaning of this song?

Blu: this was about the go homie “blue” who was killed in the town i started rapping in.

RRHH: How would you describe your life currently?

Blu: “the royal tennebaums” meets “she hate me”

RRHH: What are some of your favorite movies, actors, directors? I know you’ve sampled Tom Waits, have you seen the movie Down By Law?

Blu: i have not seen “down by law” but i pride myself on film.

that statement really has no relevance if you don’t know the number one movie on the director’s choice all time film list,

which is “citizen kane”.

but I’m into spike lee, micheal gondry, harmony korine, wes anderson, vince gal low, on & on.

i like the indie guys, kubrick is the greatest.

RRHH: Describe the reasoning behind some of your songs being recorded with low sound quality.

Blu: adventures in low fi, its hard to explain my love for the grimy, ruff rugged and raw if you don’t know what you’re listening to.

if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it, 9 times out the 10 if you like it, you like it

RRHH: Why is it so hard to find some of your material and why do you often take down mixtapes that you’ve posted on your bandcamp?

Blu: we hide sometime, “ucla” is the hidden gem, its an illegal classic

other than, the store was just down, erthing be back up soon

RRHH: Do you have any rap names that you’d use if it weren’t for the name Blu?

Blu: red barnes.

RRHH: What’s special to you about the year 1997? The year the “Heat beat the Knicks in game six”.

Blu: ma$e? hearing all the late heads get hip to “muddy waters”, idk

RRHH: What’s your take on all these super teams in basketball now a days?

Blu: its just one, and the lakers need blue jerseys

RRHH: I was listening to ChangYaWorld the other day and I started thinking about Tupac’s song “Changes”. One of my favorite Tupac lines is, “Let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, and let’s change the way we treat each other”. What would you suggest we change as a people?

Blu: our mind states need to change about how we look at each other, and how we look at our future

if we seen each other under the same light, then we should have any issues in the world what so ever

RRHH: What are some of your favorite books?

Blu: muhammad and the believers, they came before columbus, out the blue (reading currently) and the aquarian gospels.

RRHH: What’s next on the burner?

Blu: album with alchemist and an album with an up and coming producer named bombay, stay tuned

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