Turn It Up Son, Blast It – An Interview w/ Sene

I’m really pleased to be able to present this interview. When it comes to making music and art, Sene is on a whole different wavelength than most cats these days. I instantly feel smarter after each and every listen. In our interview Sene speaks on his top ten albums, his writing process, Recess, capitalization/punctuation and more. 


RRHH: Can you explain the video for Recess’ song ‘How Do You Sleep’?

Sene: sometimes we go into a video fully planned out. ready to execute.sometimes we like to challenge ourselves to come up with an idea the day of the meeting and shoot the idea that day. this was the latter. we just wanted to portray an aloof – sleep like state, while not being awake. almost a metaphor to people sleeping everyday while they are still awake.

RRHH: What’s in store for Recess?

Sene: we’ve done alot of worksince the first release. work in cliques almost.we are all working together on seperate projects in the same workspace and still around eachother. some of the ideas are for recess. some of the ideas work best for a few of us, or due to schedule only a few of us can make it in. so we still have a lot in store that the world hasnt heard yet.

RRHH: The first verse on your joint ‘Exit,Us’ is one of my favorite recent verses from any MC. Can you explain that verse?

Sene: i wrote that first line…i just thought of the idea of literally hopping on something of mythological proportion to expand where the listeners mind will be able to go.had i said if i could take the train, youre brain would already box it in to im travelling through the city. so i wanted to keep the doors open. when i wrote that verse i wasnt looking for a hot line. i just kept writing it line by line as i thought of what it would be dope to precede time wise. it just felt good to bring people to that state of mind while reminding them what we’ve been through in history since then.

RRHH: What are ten albums you need in life to get by?

Sene: in no particular order.
lauryn hill – miseducation of lauryn hill.
gang starr – moment of truth.
common – like water for chocolate.
mos def – black on both sides.
jay z – reasonable doubt.
kanye west – late registration.
corinne bailey rae – the sea.
j dilla – welcome to detroit.
the great adventures of slick rick.
the beatles – rubber soul.

RRHH: Who are you currently listening to?

Sene: yc the cynic, scienze, blu, illingsworth, dibia$e, waiting on coss’ new record, joey badazz just got some rotation for a couple of days, benny sings. gave the jai paul shit a spin or two, gave the frank ocean joint like 3 spins already.

RRHH: Can you explain your writing process (medium, environment, etc..)?

Sene: trees, speakers and lately some sort of digital tablet. headphones sometimes. i prefer the beat banging though so i can rap as im writing without sharing it with the world just yet.

RRHH: What are some of your favorite Blu songs and what’s your favorite verse of his?

Sene: all his shit is dope. just some people sleeping on creativity.
wouldnt pick his joints apart. i vouch for all the records though.

RRHH: Who would you like to work with that you haven’t?

Sene: sa-ra creative partners.

RRHH: What’s up with the use of lower cases and periods?

Sene: capital letters seem a bit pretentious. you can say the same thing without giving a size disadvantage. the periods are a form of ending things that i enjoy using. point blank period shit.

RRHH: Explain your relationship with No Games and how you guys ended linking up together?

Sene: thats like my brother who needs to hollar. we linked on my first trip to switzerland when i was 19 or 20.

RRHH: If you had to move outside of the U.S. where would you move?

Sene: switzerland, france or canada.

RRHH: What are your thoughts on the current state of sports and what are your favorite teams?

Sene:athletes need a buck less. the new york rangers though, for sure.

RRHH: What are some of your favorite clothing brands?

Sene: anything i feel good about when im rocking it. i was into polo at like 15-16. some folks are stoopid late on that but its all love.shout out to reebok for the love and all the other good folks who throw me love via fabric.

RRHH: Do you ever think to yourself that your music deserves more notoriety? The fact that your Exit, Us video only has 16k views is crazy to me!

Sene: to each his own i guess. im not in peoples faces like some cats which says alot about both walks of life. even the dog gets a warm piece of the sidewalk though. the lights been shifting my way for which i am grateful.

RRHH: How do you come about finding the movie clips and such that you sample?

Sene: love movies. peep new ones whenever i get the time. things stand out to me sometimes. i remember quotes like its my job so ill go grab something i remember or snatch it when i hear it.

RRHH: What’s cookin’ next on the burner?

“saint ballantine.” which is the child that “exit,us.” and “brooklyknight.” never had.sitting down with these blu joints. he sent a bunch over but due to some family health issues there have been some delays. in the lab right now penning some of those joints.working with scienze and EOM too.talking with aaronisnotcool and pace rivers about doing more short flicks.

peace to the clubhouse, blu, coss, scienze, yc the cynic, bbas, homeboy sandman and the rest of the fam.

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