The ILLZ – The Darkest Hour (Mixtape)

The homie Delgis drops off his latest offering, The Darkest Hour (which is apparently his last musical journey he will send us on). The tracklist and download link can be found below.

01 The Constant Gardener
02 Despiertate
03 The Vicious Kind
04 Closer
05 The Darkest Hour
06 A New Day
07 Save Me f. Michael Francis
08 Camera (Rudie’s Theme)
09 Weightless (Alamar)
10 The Gift
11 Jetstreaming
12 Nostalgia For The Light

The ILLZ – The Darkest Hour (Mixtape)

KYLE – Silver Platter (prod. Carnage) (Video)

Funny, I was just watching Sandlot for the umpteenth time the other night. This beat is nice!

I wrote this song eating Cheetos. Fuck eating healthy and I hope you all die slowly… Anyways, there’s a video of me and Carnage making this song on YouTube… I don’t think he liked the song… I still think he hates the song and me. In fact, sometimes I have nightmares of him laughing at me… So I sleep with the lights on. But he’s still my big brother and I love him. Carnage taught me about gettin “hoe’s” and “basin’ up”. This “Slap” is two people who met one random day and decided to be creative. It was effortlessly “AMAAZING.”There’s not much more to say about it, and that’s why it’s great. It’s a “Slap” and it “Slaps”. Kyle & Carnage. Silver Platter. “Goin’ Dumb”.

Smash Brovaz – Think It’s A Game? (Mixtape)

Dope. Looking forward to hearing the “Daydreamers” and “Chinese Swag” joints. Smash Brovaz been on the come up!

1. Whatever (prod. Like of Pac Div)
2. Casserine
3. Paper Planes (prod. Big Pops)
4. Soul For Tomorrow (prod. Junia-T)
5. Daydreamers Theme f. Rich Kidd (prod. Like of Pac Div)
6. TO 2 LA f. Yancy Deron (prod. Intricate Sound)
7. Be Free (prod. Junia-T)
8. You & I f. Slakah The Beatchild (prod. Slakah The Beatchild)
9. Chinese Swag f. Rich Kidd & Diz Gibran (prod. Junia-T)
10. The Kitchen f. Richie Sosa (prod. Junia-T)

Download: Smash Brovaz – Think It’s A Game? (Mixtape)