Kendrick Lamar – God Is Gangsta (Video)

As Kendrick Lamar’s enormous 2015 comes to an end, TDE’s top dog on the mic delivers a joint video for “U” and “For Sale” titled “God Is Gangsta.” So you don’t have to keep pausing and unpausing we’ve accumulated all the text from the black screens. You can peep below.

Clearance Sale 100% off
Life is like a box of chicken
Instagram 2016 = Dussy Unlimited
If I blame you for a loss, I’ll be giving you all the credit
Good dussy can make you melt
Always trust a n*gga with cornrolls
Time is change.Your friend or foe
Never trust a n*gga with too many haircuts
Tracy Ellis Ross is vibrant
I made money. I lost money. I did it again
Dussy salary cap
I followed your rules for way too long
Night like this I wish. that bomb head would fall
My taste bloods is expensive
You’ll buy the mall if lust involved. the evils of it all
You played the game. I pimped it
God Is Gangsta

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