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The Late Night Performance of 2014: Future Islands – Seasons (Waiting On You)

Back in March Future Islands paid a visit to David Letterman and is our choice for the best late night performance of 2014. Here’s a person on stage that’s just being real. Pure energy and passion. From the chest thumping (which is loud enough to be audible through the mic) to the swaying back and forth across the stage. I’d have to agree with Letterman on this, I’ll take all of that you got as well.

J. Cole Performs “Be Free” On David Letterman (Video)

With the release of J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive Jermaine pays a visit to The Late Show w/ David Letterman. If you thought the song was moving before just wait until you hear the new verse Cole added in. Powerful, powerful stuff.

I’m so elated, we celebrated like Obama waited until his last day in office to tell the nation, brothers is getting their reparations, hey! A man can dream, can’t he? No disrespect, in terms of change I haven’t seen any, maybe he had good intentions but was stifled by the system and was sad to learn that he actually couldn’t bring any…

Fashawn – Dreams ft. Evidence (Video)

Whoa! Fashawn and Evidence are no strangers to the site. This is ultra nice. Fash and The Alchemist are set to team up for a new EP titled FASH-ionably Late. December 18th.

“I pose a threat to any beat I’m takin’ serious, the words “passed the margin.” delivered with a period, maybe paranoid, maybe Paris in a staircase, floatin’ on a high and foreign airspace”