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Big K.R.I.T w/ INSANE FREESTYLE on Sway’s Universe (Video)

Putting any sort of weight into a YouTube title can be tricky business. Like all those, “Real Proof Aliens Exist,” videos where you don’t actually get any “real proof.” This title however, was aptly titled. Holy f-ing s***. Krizzle takes us on a gradual climb of rhyme after rhyme that only gets better with each and every couplet. The Louis C.K. wordplay and the Chris Tucker line at the end… freestyle set to combust.

I’m a Southern motherfucker, flip a East Coast flow
I’m the product of the slave that couldn’t leave my coast.

Slim Thug – Kingz & Bosses ft. Big K.R.I.T.

For all the college kids out there procrastinating on studying for their finals and tuning in to RRHH (which we know is a lot of you), this song could easily help you put off studying for another fifteen minutes (minimum). I know it’s been on repeat here at HQ for a few plays. Blasting down the halls. “King Krizzle, King Tut, it ain’t no difference, Chariot still whippin’, while my gold still flickin’.”