2014-15 Stephen Curry MVP Speech (Video)

Just down the street from RRHH’s headquarters, in Oakland California, comes a heart warming story about an undersized kid making the best of his abilities. If you need a person to look up to in life I would highly suggest in Stephen Curry. In one word to describe the scrawny kid from Charlotte would be motivational. If you don’t feel like tearing up you should probably pass on this video.

“Hmm, no tissues?”.

Alessia – Here

Alessia got her career going by doing acoustic covers on YouTube. Sounds like a good idea to me! Now 18 years old and signed to Def Jam Alessia is ready to start breaking out for real.

Alessia told FADER “Here” is a song “for all the antisocial, awkward, and miserable party-goers of the world”. So if you’re staying in tonight, you can sit back and vibe out to the fact that it’s Friday and you’re home chillin’. Afterwards you can watch some Netflix or motivational videos perhaps? Whatever your cup of tea is.