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J. Cole – False Prophets x Everybody Dies (Video)

Listen up Kanye. “While the world’s egging him on, I’m begging him to stop it, playin’ his old shit knowin’ he won’t top it, false prophets (false profits).”

“Line up n*ggaz in order, of who you think can really fuck with me most, then I tuck the heat close, if he don’t duck then he ghost, ain’t no need for discussion, if they won’t talk about the bread these mothafuckas be toast.”

Watch the First Episode of J. Cole’s ‘Road to Homecoming’ Documentary

HBO and J. Cole bring you part one of a four episode docu-series that follows Cole around the globe with the pending release of his 2014 Forest Hills Drive album. In the first episode HBO follows Cole for the 23 days leading up to his release. If you’re a fan of Cole this behind the scenes look is a pretty interesting watch and it makes you wonder why more artists don’t do stuff like this anymore.

J. Cole – Black Friday

This song by itself is pretty dope. It’s tough not to compare what Kendrick just did to J. Cole’s track however. For this release, J. Cole eyes in on Kendrick Lamar’s hit TPAB joint “Alright”. Cole even hints at rumors concerning the long-awaited collaborative project from him and Kendrick. Something tells me that Black History Month could be huge for the hip-hop game this year.

J. Cole – G.O.M.D. (Video)

I suggest you to watch the video first (in full screen) and then read down below.

In this video Cole is depicted as the house slave. The other slaves on the plantation despise him because of this. Cole realizes the distance between him and his fellow people and begins to start a rebellion against the slave owners.

“Hollywood Cole” (the house slave) was caught in a place between making hits for the radio and still being able to relate to his own people. Although having “sold out” (Cole World: The Sideline Story) he still remains true to his thoughts and beliefs and wants you to know this (2014 Forest Hills Drive). Cole hasn’t left his people. He’s just gotten to a place where he has the resources to actually help his people.

J. Cole Interview w/ Tavis Smiley (Video)

J. Cole is currently on his Forest Hills Drive tour that is set to go through the summer. The other night, Cole took a minute from touring to sit down with Tavis Smiley to discuss a number of topics including his competitiveness and his focus on obtaining good grades from a young age.

During the in-depth interview, Cole elaborated upon his overall rap style and growing up fatherless. He also discusses his childhood environments (going from a trailer park to the eventual home he resided at with his mother and brother on 2014 Forest Hills Drive). To cap off the interview (which aired on PBS) Cole also broke down “A Tale Of Two Citiez,” “Love Yourz” and “Fire Squad”, and spoke about their importance to the project.

J. Cole Performs “Be Free” On David Letterman (Video)

With the release of J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive Jermaine pays a visit to The Late Show w/ David Letterman. If you thought the song was moving before just wait until you hear the new verse Cole added in. Powerful, powerful stuff.

I’m so elated, we celebrated like Obama waited until his last day in office to tell the nation, brothers is getting their reparations, hey! A man can dream, can’t he? No disrespect, in terms of change I haven’t seen any, maybe he had good intentions but was stifled by the system and was sad to learn that he actually couldn’t bring any…