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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Ten Thousand Hours x My Oh My (Live)

Last month when Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were in town I had the opportunity to use my “credentials” for some backstage passes. The concert was off the hook and the crowd was electric! It definitely had to be one the liveliest crowds on tour. I took a couple videos which you can view up top and down bottom. Shout out to Tricia Davis and Zach Quillen for hooking it up!

Turn It Up Son, Blast It – An Interview w/ Sene

I’m really pleased to be able to present this interview. When it comes to making music and art, Sene is on a whole different wavelength than most cats these days. I instantly feel smarter after each and every listen. In our interview Sene speaks on his top ten albums, his writing process, Recess, capitalization/punctuation and more.  Continue reading Turn It Up Son, Blast It – An Interview w/ Sene

An Interview w/ Her Favorite Colo(u)r – Blu

When I contacted Blu about an interview I told him that he was “One of my favorite MC’s”. I kind of understated that a little. I was trying not to sound like some uber fan or something. But the truth is, Blu’s by far my favorite MC right now. His sound is amazing to me. Dude’s a poet, an artist and I’m really honored to be able to have interviewed him. I could say some corny line here about “hip-hop still being alive”, but the fact is, if you listen to Blu, you already know this. During our interview with Blu he speaks on his writing process, acting, his live performances, the Lakers and more. Continue reading An Interview w/ Her Favorite Colo(u)r – Blu